RtCW Tribute - Omaha Beach

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Black Ops III - Omaha Beach =

Following up on his excellent tribute to 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' on the 'Black Ops III' engine, Wolfetplayer has created a tribute mission to the classic 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' map, 'Beach Invasion'.

The mission is entitled 'Omaha Beach' and the players take on the role of the defenders as they try to fend off a Zombie invasion.


-World War 2 weapons
-Main EE quest with buyable V2 rocket launch ending
-Timed Gameplay
-Ability to call for fire support
-Custom box and PaP models
-Custom announcers
-9 perks
-Claymore mines
-Trading table
-Turret traps
-6 Teddies EE with 2 perks reward for each player
-Buildable Dragon Shield
-Buildable PaP
-Custom powerups-Bank where players can share points

Main EE guide:
1. Enable power
2. Find the book with the rocket launch codes (officers bedroom in the lower bunker)
3. Turn on the radio tower
4. Transfer the codes through transmitter (50k points). Transmitter is located near the pap room.
5. Hold on for 2 minutes till the V2 rocket arrives.
!Warning! Zombies will have increased speed and health during this end fight. Also additional spawners will be activated. Spawn delay will be minimal. So prepare for a fight.

PaP quest guide:
1. Find the key. (medical office room)
2. Find the PaP parts (1st in the Winchester Shotgun Room, 2nd in the MP40 room)
3. Open the bunker last door with the key.
4. Craft PaP with crafting table.

Download the new mission HERE


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