Toxic Fabric

= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Toxic Fabric Beta 1 =


This an excellent "Deathmatch" map created by DevilsRightHand of the Wolfteam for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory".


A team of archaeologists and scientists excavating the ruins of ancient Greece discover books and documents written by a race who were known as the Stroggs. After learning how to translate this ancient language the team discover that they must travel to two locations, the Brazilian rainforest and the Northpole, in order to locate and recover alien crystals from meteorites that have impacted the Earth at these locations.

These crystals will enabled the team to create highly advanced machines that will give them the ability to open a time vortex that will enable the Stroggs to travel to our time period and continue their mysterious work, which is something that the archeological and scientific team are eager to learn from.

After obtaining the crystals the team transport them to their secret facilty, a large laboratory filled with every kind of toxic chemical known to mankind, to begin their work of creating the time vortex machines.


Download the map HERE

The Wolfteam website HERE

Source - SplashDamage - DevilsRightHand

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