Alanbrooke: Version 1

= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Alanbrooke V1 =


This a new Axis-attack map for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory", created by Loffy. The overall tactical military aim for the Axis Troops is to steal the Allied top secret documents, (Alan Brooke's diaries), in order to transmit this secret information to their headquarters, via a nearby communication radio.

Axis Map Objectives:

- Primary Objective: Steal/defend the documents (Alan Brooke's secret diaries) and transmit at/protect the radio.
- Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the Water Wall.
- Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the Central Wall
- Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the Side Route in the centre
- Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the second Side Route to the Radio
- Secondary Objective: Get control over the important Command Post


Loffy has very kindly included his ".map" file in this download, with no copyright pertaining to his release. All mappers, new and experienced, are free to use it as they wish.

Botfiles for the new map are also included in this download.

Download "Alanbrooke V1 - Botfiles included" HERE

Loffy's Youtube Channel HERE

Source - EnemyTerritoryStuff - Ets| Kate


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