GtkRadiant 1.6.5 Released


The open source, cross platform level editor for id Tech games.


GtkRadiant is the official level design toolchain for games powered by id Tech engines from id Software,

and is maintained by a community of volunteers. GtkRadiant is powered by the GTK+ Project and released under a GPL license. 





We have had a steady stream of fixes coming in from contributors over the last few months, to fix a number of memory errors and bugs across the map compiler (q3map2) and the bot routes compiler (bspc). Several of those fixes also improve the stability and correctness of the tools on 64-bit Linux.

To get an overview of the changes in 1.6.5, please consult the Milestone issues list on GitHub. Latest changes on GtkRadiant and BSPC for more details.

To celebrate, we are rolling out an updated website that Obsidian has put together on the domain, where you can download the latest build.

Last but not least, we are now accepting donations via Gratipay. Please show your love and support to the project!


Download here


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