RtCW SP Miision - Dark Matters - English Version

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Singleplayer Mission =

= Dark Matters - English Version =


This is version 1.1 of the superb Return to Castle Wolfenstein SP Addon, Dark Matters, created by Yo$hik, Shurr and Vicpas. This version is in English and contains the following map missions:

Depot, Cathedral, Laborator, Laborator2 and Cutscene, (Alienka).


You must find and rescue, if possible, the captive Allied agent and complete the following objectives:

1] Eliminate all Axis resistance in order to prevent information being leaked to enemy forces.

2] Infiltrate the cathedral located in a small village in the mountains.

3] Locate and rescue the Allied agent being held prisoner there.

4] Avoid capture on the road to the village, failure is not an option, lives are depending on you.


=Thanks to=

David Parízek for briefing texts translated from Russian to English. Ronboy for grammar corrections in briefings and texts. Yo$hik for dialogues translated from Russian to English. Shurr for converted models.

Download RtCW SP Dark Matters Version 1.1 HERE

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