ET:QW - Different Tools & Utlities

13.09.2007 : 00:44
Today a collection of different tools and utilities:
  • QW Script v1.0
  • ET:QW Minimizer
  • QW Tweaker v1.3.06
  • QW PowerAdmin v0.5
  • Simple QW Rcon v0.1
  • Minimizor v1.4 (for W:ET & ET:QW)
  • ET ServerViewer v5.1 (for W:ET & ET:QW)

QW Script v1.0

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Plug-ins for Notepad++


  • .script editing plug-in
  • .gui editing plug-in
  • .mtr editing plug-in
These plug-ins extend Notepad++ for use in creating and editing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Scripts, GUIs and Shaders.
  • Function and keyword syntax highlighting
  • Function and keyword search/completion from drop down menu (cntrl + space to use).
  • Function listing window, enables developers to double click on function to jump to code segment.


--> QW Script v1.0
--> Notepad++

ET:QW Minimizer

"I've had a lot of friends in NZ ask me about Alt-Tabbing, and it's possible to use the etmin program that's around for Wolfenstein ET to work for ETQW. However, there's this app here that I made, based on some etmin code I found.

That runs in the system tray and gives you Alt-Tab access in ETQW - well, almost. It uses Alt+Q instead of Alt+Tab, and you must be at a menu (limbo menu doesn't count) for it to work. It correctly changes the resolution so if you play at a resolution that's different to your desktop then you'll get the right one (only if you use Alt+Q to get back into the game though). I do plan on fixing the quirks, but only if the final game ships without Alt+Tab working.

I just thought I'd share here too as I'm sure there's lots of other people irritated by the lack of Alt+Tabbing."



--> ET:QW Minimizer

QW Tweaker v1.3.06

This is a small tweak utility for the game Enemy Territory Quake Wars BETA, BETA 2 and Demo.
You need the MS Visual Basic 6 Runtime Package to run this program.

Download & Info:

--> QW Tweaker v1.3.06
--> QW Tweaker Website
--> ET:QW Performance Guide

QW PowerAdmin v0.5

This version should be run with the Demo of QuakeWars. Also it contains UI changes, faster refresh/apply of settings and can show ping to server.

Download & Info:

--> QW PowerAdmin v0.5
--> Morix Website

Simple QW Rcon v0.1

Some people ask me for code to send rcon command to an QuakeWars server. I made a really simple program to communicate with a QW server on command line: Simple QuakeWars Rcon. It need .net 2.0 on Windows and mono on Linux to run. Maybe someone what use it with scripts. The source code is included.

Download & Info:

--> Simple QW Rcon v0.1
--> Morix Website

Minimizor v1.4

Supported Games:

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
  • Quake 3
  • Quake 4
  • Warsow
  • You can change the Shortcut for minimizing.
  • Automatics startup at windows.
  • Automatic switches to the right game when minimizing.
  • Support multiple games.
  • Changes screen to desktop resolution when minimized.
  • Cannot start when game is running.
  • Cannot close when game is running.

Download & Info:

--> Minimizor v1.4
--> Minimizor Website

ET ServerViewer v5.1

Enemy Territory Server Viewer (ETSV) is a lightweight software to easy browse your favorite or generic internet game servers without starting the ET or any other ID Software titled games. And with an instant click away to join the selected server. ETSV also supports features such as minimizing and keep track of your buddies where they are playing.

Superior ease of use filter technology adopted from other very popular game browser softwares.

Download & Info:

--> ET ServerViewer v5.1
--> ETSV Website
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