ET-Map: Battery Recharged 1.3.0

31.08.2007 : 20:49

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The mighty Axis shore battery 'Siegfried' is harassing Allied shipping in the Mediterranean. The Axis must protect Siegfried from Allied attempts at sabotage.

Changes from Seawall Battery:

Three additional primary objectives created for allies, making four in total:
  • destroy radar station (next to bunker)
  • destroy gun platform
  • destroy gun controls (same as in original map)
  • destroy power supply (at bottom of indoor railway slope)
  • Assault ramp moved to the slope under the gun barrel, and time taken to build increased by 50%.
  • Original location of assault ramp smoothed to allow allies to get up slope on foot.
  • Axis can build barricade (satchel objective) to block the new slope.
  • Players can now reach gun and gun platform from ramp and from inside gun room.
  • New Axis-only door added at beach top leading directly to gun room, to allow Axis to better defend the slope and the gun.
  • New constructible (satchel objective) Axis-and-disguised-cov-op-only door added near "power supply room", to slow allied access to it via gun room assault.
  • Allied East Spawn moved closer to the lighthouse.
  • Axis spawn time reduced to 20 secs.
  • More areas now permit landmines.
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