ET-Mod: ETpro 3.2.0 Final

26.05.2005 : 13:02
Heute ist die Final 3.2.0 von ETPro erschienen. Sie läuft auf unserem Server:

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.2.0'' ]-

    New features / changes:
  • ET 2.60 support (in fact, 2.60 only)
  • Mac OSX support
  • hitsounds are now generated for hitscan weapons only
  • /guids now outputs a header/footer for easier script parsing
  • /freecamSetPos now supports two syntaxes:
    /freecamSetPos x y z
    /freecamSetPos x y z pitch yaw roll
  • cvar backup files now include information about the server and the reason for the cvar changes.
  • /show_framecount (demo playback only)
    0 = no framecounter
    1 = show framecounter
    2 = snapshot current frame number
  • /exec_at_time (demo playback only)
    Allows scripts to be executed exactly at a specified frame number.
  • server console can now send private messages
  • shuffleteamsxp_norestart to shuffle teams without restarting the map
  • 'fireteam inviteall' to invite all players on your team who arent already on a fireteam
  • fireteam invite can now match on partial names
  • altweapon while holding grenade will vsay_team FireInTheHole
  • builtin spawntimer:
    /timerSet to set it (eg from a script)
    /openTimerInput for a ui popup
    /resetTimer to reset the timer
  • New headbox code
    new headbox code, enabled through b_realhead 1 (+256,+512,+1024,+2048 enables various hitbox debugging modes)
    note: debugging body box for prone may "appear" wrong because its the box used for player collisions, not shots.
    note2: if you use one of the debugging modes, use g_smoothclients 0 as well, or the debugging boxes will "appear" wrong.
  • Location names
    Added full location name support - client will attempt to load from _loc_override.dat (for user's own location names) followed by _loc.dat (for server-supplied location names in e.g. a pk3), and failing both, client will build locations from target_location entities in the map.
  • Included rough draft versions of locations for all 6 stock maps.
  • Quick summary of location code:

  • Commands:
    loc_add , loc_del (operates on closest), loc_rename (closest), loc_save [full], loc_load, loc_show (closest).
  • Client Cvars:
    • b_demorecording_statusline is obsoleted in favor of the etmain cvar cg_recording_statusline
    • b_locationMode (default 1)
      Controls location name behavior in the fireteam
      0 = Disabled
      1 = Location names
      2 = Location coordinates
      4 = Don't check PVS when finding nearest location name
      8 = Don't fall back on coordinates when no location found (return "unknown")
    • b_debuglocations (default 0) (cheat protected)
      1 - Draw bubble sprites at location markers (green = nearest, red = others)
      2 - Draw dlights at location markers (red = nearest, green = others)
      4 - Float location names at location markers (currently no scaling)
      8 - Accept location updates from other players
      16 - Send location updates to other players

      8 + 16 simply bounce the command to other players on a loc_add/del/rename, so that multiple people can work on marking up a level with location names.

    • b_noactivatelean (default 0, disabled)
      enable/disable strafe+activate=lean
    • b_drawspectatorteamflags (default 1, enabled)
      show team flag on hud while spectator following
    • b_simpleitems (default 0, disabled)
      draw dropped items (weapons,ammo,packs) as simple 2d icons
    • b_locationMaxChars (default 25)
      controls max length of location names in fireteam
    • b_locationJustify (default 0) - control justification of locations
      -1 = left justify with padding
      0 = left justify, no padding (default)
      1 = right justify with padding
    • b_fireteamLatchedClass (default 0, disable) - show latched playerclass in fireteam
      0 = disabled, show ranks (default)
      1 = enabled, show latched playerclass instead of rank

  • Server Cvars:
    • vote_allow_surrender (default 1, enabled)
      enables/disables surrender callvoting
    • b_flushitems (default 0, disabled)
      enables/disables ground-oriented items (medpacks, ammopacks)
    • b_helmetprotection (default 1, enable)
      Allows server to enable/disable helmet damage reduction
    • b_maxmortarpitch (default 0, disable)
      Allows server to limit effective range of ground slope angles for mortar deployment. If set to eg 20, then a mortar deployed on a slope greater than 20 degrees (eg 30 or 40) would behave as if it were deployed on a slope of 20 degrees.
    • b_chargetransfer (default 1, enable)
      0 = disallow use of mines to transfer charge between players or 'store charge'
      1 = default etmain behavior, allow charge transfer and storage
    • b_sv_hitsounds (default 1, enable)
      0 = server globally disables hitsounds
      1 = server allows clients to use hitsounds
    • b_emptyscript (default "", disabled)
      Name of a script to execute when the last player leaves the server
    • b_defaultbantime (default 300)
      Time in seconds for bans without explicitly defined ban time
    • b_wolfrof (default 0)
      0 = ET Standard SMG Rate of fire
      1 = RTCW Standard SMG Rate of fire
    • b_shrug (default 0)
      0 = Disable /shrug
      1 = Enable /shrug
    • b_distancefalloff (default 1)
      0 = Disable distance damage falloff for bullet weapons
      1 = Enable distance damage falloff for bullet weapons

    Bug / cheat fixes:

  • Anti-recoil and centerview scripts defeated
  • linux anticheat false positives with new ati drivers
  • first person grenade ticks were heard in freecam
  • cg_autoaction 8+ borked antilag, hitsounds etc
  • b_fixedphysics overrides pmove_fixed client and server
  • constructibles / cp's dont show on proper commandmap layers
  • descriptivetext now aligns properly for b_descriptivetextscale values
  • fix antiwarped ping times in scoreboard
  • walking on walls bug (oasis near axis initial spawn)
  • don't spawn fakebrushes if b_fallingbugfix is enabled
  • spectators could see team class counts before joining teams
  • players could steal riflegrenades from other teammates with team_maxriflegrenades limits
  • 'sticky stairs' bug should be fixed
  • distance falloff for non-headshots never worked properly. now fixed.
  • players 'sliding' with g_smoothclients 0 should be fixed
  • player climbing animation was too fast. now fixed.
  • b_beginround, b_endround binds automatically executed at beginning and end of round
  • team_maxriflegrenades fixed hopefully
  • other various riflegrenade borkage fixed
  • server crash exploit fixed
  • cancelvote bug hopefully fixed
  • fixed tracemap generation code which breaks when there's a flat plane at lowest point in a map
  • show objective carriers in fireteam
  • "invite all" fireteam command should no longer flood console with errors
  • riflegrenade/smg exploit fixed
  • b_ettv_flags now defaults to 3
  • lag on connect / map_restart fixed
  • linux prelinking crashes fixed
  • callvote surrender hud menus fixed
  • say: was missing from console logs
  • cg_autoaction was broken for screenshots
  • opentimerinput doesnt get mouse focus
  • enemy wounded could block team wounded for revive
  • ref surrender menu callvoted by mistake
  • cg_teamchatsonly didnt ignore public chats
  • shuffleteamsxp_norestart was missing from vote menu
  • fireteam objective icon was misaligned slightly
  • cl_language could cause garbage translations
  • inviteall tried to invite players already on a fireteam
  • etpro unlagged accuracy increased
  • all weapon rof / overheat are now completely fps independent
  • b_fallingbugfix 1 no longer ignores fake brushes
  • fireteam objective icon now obeys b_fireteamAlpha
  • oasis script fixed (remove end of round delay after destroying both guns)
  • location names didn't reset color in chats
  • wounded covops could steal uniforms if close enough
  • bloodtrail crash/hang fixed
  • corpses could be "shot" after players tapped out
  • cg_teamchatsonly incorrectly filtered fireteam chats
  • server crash bug fixed
  • clientkick / kick would sometimes kick the wrong player
  • ref menu 'XP SHUFFLE NO RESTART' callvoted by mistake
  • pause exploit fixed (flying revived players)
  • log dynamite plant/defuse, objective steal/return and announcements
  • b_wolfrof corrected to match rtcw's mp40 rof
  • cg_etVersion was wrong
  • b_wolfrof matches rtcw thompson exactly now (3600ms to empty clip @ rtcw 333fps)
  • framerate optimizations
  • +left/+right re-enabled
  • tjl saving/loading fixed (and is now x86/ppc cross-compatible)
  • building-mg42-eats-dynamite bug fixed (eg on radar)
  • referee password was case insensitive. fixed.
  • bug which caused wrong spreadscale when pitching or yawing across 0 degrees
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