ET-TC: East Front

27.08.2007 : 16:10

Are you tired of using your whole clip to kill, just one man?
Are you tired of bouncing around your enemy shooting until he dies? Come all to the new East Front mod server hosted by the Flame Guards Community.

So come check out East Front at:
(recommended: set com_hunkmegs 192)

Also visit the East Front Website for more information about this great modification!

The mod features:

  • Iron Sight Aiming
  • New Weapons
  • Realistic movement and ballistics
  • Player Drivable tanks
  • New maps not found anywhere else
  • And much more to come!

The East Front team is looking for new staff members. They need talented people and people willing to help. Below is a list of Staff Needed and what posistions that will be need to be filled:

- Mappers: 1 Needed
- 3D Modelers: 2 Needed
- Animators: 2-3 Needed
- Weapon Taggers: 1-2 Needed
- Coders: 1-2 assistants Needed
If you got the skills, then please, apply to join them, they really need it. They need you, in order to release this game!
You will recieve FULL CREDIT for your Creations.

Important Note:
Do not host the files from East Front or set up a own server, because this mod still needs game testing and the best place for this is the official server.East Front
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