ET-Map: Bramburg Dam (Beta 1)

25.08.2007 : 07:47

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Allied forces are attempting to destroy an axis dam to flood the military installation below.

This is a conversion of Bramburg Dam (mp_dam) designed and released by SplashDamage for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It is based on the corresponding map 'dam' which was part of RtCW 1.0 single player campaign. All credits go to the developers at SplashDamage who designed this great map for RtCW, so in no way you are allowed to make money with it. I left layout and gameplay widely untouched. This map conversion was built for fun only, so don’t expect much from it. I’m just a hobby mapper.

Probably best played with a maximum of 6-8 players per team, as the map isn't very large and gameplay extends only to a limited part of it (most of the axis side of the dam isn't really involved). The map surely isn’t suitable for large public servers with 30+ players. Stopwatch-mode should be cool, having map concept and objectives layout in mind.

A test server for this map is up and running:


  • mapscript & several entities related to spawning reworked to fit ET needs.
  • timelimit raised by 5 min to 15 min.
  • some RtCW-only textures replaced by ET-textures
  • most RtCW-sounds replaced with comparable stock ET-sounds
  • most RtCW-models replaced with comparable stock ET-models
  • terrain re-textured using DotProduct2 shader + Alpha Fade system. Credits to Simon "Sock" O'Callaghan.
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