TCE Stats Script & PHP Bot Tutorial

20.08.2007 : 16:23
TCE Stats Script and PHP Bot Tutorial for Q3 Engine: (the team behind "Neelix Campaign Creator") wrote a little Tutorial to show Game Server Admins how to write their own Server Bots in PHP.
The language PHP makes it easy for coding beginners to start writing own scripts.
We show how to parse the Game Server Logfile and send Messages back via UDP Sockets.
An example Kill/Death TCE Stats script shows how to parse 3 Game Servers with one Parser Script.
A C++ "Plugin" allows you to slap, stroke, feed the Server and so changes the Server Mood.
The tcestats script is a beta test version. But a skilled Admin should be able to make it run.

Download & Info:

--> Download "php TCEstats"

--> Lesson 1
--> Lesson 2
--> Lesson 3: Loops
--> Lesson 4: Indenting
--> Lesson 5: Comparing strings
--> Lesson 6: Reading/writing files

Supported Games:

  • Enemy Territory
  • Enemy Territory: "True Combat: Elite"
  • RtCW
  • Q3
  • other Q3 Engine Based Games. But not tested yet.
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