Movie-Tool: It's a Wrap! v0.50

30.07.2007 : 20:36
"It's a Wrap!" is a Win32 DLL that adds some movie making functionality to OpenGL games.
  • Create motion blurred images using temporal anti-aliasing.
  • Configurable background color for green screening.
  • Configurable output directory for captured images.
The DLL has been tested with Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, but should work in all Quake 3 engine games. Quake 3 movie makers may be better off using Quake 3 Movie Maker's Edition though.

Download & Info:

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Important! Please read before attempting to use "It's a Wrap!":
This is an OpenGL wrapper dll, and playing online with the dll will get you kicked and possibly banned by PunkBuster. Please use a separate installation of the game, this way you can keep PunkBuster disabled in case you accidentally connect to a server.
Planet Wolfenstein