ET-Map: TankBuster 2.0.0

12.06.2007 : 21:11

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Spring 1944, Italy. The Allies are finally advancing at the Gustav Line when an S.O.E. Intelligence report reveals a hidden reserve of Axis armour near Monte Cassino. The Allies must breach the depot heavy defences and destroy all the tanks stockpiled there before they can be used in an Axis counter offensive.

The Allies must escort a truck laden with a massive bomb to the re-inforced main gate of the Axis tank depot. The bomb is detonated when the Allied Command Post is built. Once access has been obtained to the interior of the depot, the Allies must assault the tank garage and destroy the 8 jagdpanther tanks inside. Tanks destroyed cannot be repaired.

The shortcut for the Allies to their Command Post is through a Teller minefield. These anti-tank mines have been converted to act as anti-personnel, and cannot be defused. They are only revealed when a Cov Ops goes near them. (The distribution of Teller mines is different for each game)

The depot has a deadly 88mm on the depot roof. It can be aimed at the road, hilltop or minefield. It is tough but can be destroyed by explosive weapons. NOTE: the 88mm can not be aimed unless the Axis Command Post is operational. Destroying the Command Post will prevent aiming although it can still be fired at its current target.

When fighting along the internal railway line, beware of the live rails carrying 750 volts. The power to the live rails is cut if the generator supplying the workshop fan is damaged; this does not stop the trains, which switch to internal batteries.
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