ET-Prefab: Q3 Style CTF Flags & Powerups

28.05.2007 : 18:22
Offsetted CTF flags in the Q3 style, shorter and more beefier.

+ All new models, only existing mesh used was the flagpole from the stock ET flag model, modified slightly (shortened).
+ All new textures (no Q3 texture media used at all), NOTE: New flag textures.
+ Shader file virtually verbatim as original Q3 flag shader.


--> ET » Prefabs » Q3 Style CTF Flags

I wanted to have some old style bobbing and rotating health/ammo like in old Q3 days, which ET does not do. So to get around this I use a few different entities plus some scripting to accomplish the same thing.

The map is just a test map, and the shader for it have nothing to do with the actual powerups.

In order to make these work, you will need to setup some entities and have scripting for them, which I will explain how. Plus you might need to add some definitions to your .def file if you do not already have them.


--> ET » Prefabs » Q3 Style CTF Powerups