ET-Map: Caen 2 (Final) / Fixes

17.02.2009 : 21:29
Vorlage mad a scriptfix for Caen 2. Molotov made a fix for Caen 2. The fixes are included in the download file.

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The Allies have control of Caen and have set up a Battalion Headquarters across the river. The Axis are trying to regain control of the town and get to a broken down tank, break into battallion HQ, and steal combat intelligence.

Scriptfix by Vorlage:

  • cliped window
  • removed MG42

Fix 1 Changes by Molotov:

  • fixed and added voice commands
  • changed background noises
  • tank fire sooner to the hq
  • river with animated clean water
  • 1 missing texture added
  • 20 min mission time, 17/23 sec attacker/defender respawn time
  • etc...
Caen 2 Fix 1 Screenshots:

Caen 2 Screenshots:
HFC|Vorlage | |>B<|Molotov
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