ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.1.1 (Beta/Update)

23.03.2007 : 08:54
Mit dem Update 1.1.1 für No Quarter haben sich einige Sachen getan, diverse Fixe, Integration von Optionen in das Menü, entfernung der HQ-Durchsagen, Firebolt-Modus wurde entfernt und der Omni-Bot wird nun unterstützt.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Mods » No Quarter 1.1.0 (Beta)
--> ET » Mods » No Quarter 1.1.1 (Beta/Update)
--> 'No Quarter' Website


  • Removed g_HQMessages, was way too annoying.
  • Optimized shotgun animations a bit. Looks much the same and uses a whole 1MB less of hunkmegs.
  • Added several new features to weapon scripts.
  • Added some of the new client commands from 1.1.0 to NQ menus.
  • Fixed lagometer display not working in NQ menu.
  • Fixed server crash if unmuting a player (with a reason) who was not muted to begin with.
  • Fixed flood protection not working bug.
  • Optimized the shit out of string access to improve performance.
  • Firebolt mode removed.
  • Omnibot 0.6 integration.
  • Forty's landmine fixes and improvements.
  • Improved greatly g_painAnims. (changed to g_realism 4)
  • Fixed reflected bullets direction.

Source: 'No Quarter' Website