ET-Map: Rocket Race (Final 2)

11.04.2007 : 21:11

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Germany, 1944. Allieds and Axis competete with a new developed V2 rocket. The military power where can first build/develop all six parts attains a crucially war advantage.


  • Rocketrace is a Capture-the-Flag Dual Objective map and is a mix between baserace and darji2
  • As orientation guide the allied side of the map is tinted blue and the axis side is tinted red. Thus, you always know in which area of the map you currently are
  • Construction of the command post increases the speed of the elevator significantly
  • Forward Spawn: The new spawnpoint is in the 4th floor
  • Via an observation camera one can monitor the delivery of the construction materials to the according places at the main spawn
  • By the change of the elevator base plate one can recognize the speed of the elevator
  • Within some ranges the map gives it so-called Items which one to gather can. Here a Panzerfaust for the defense ammo, Medicpaks and so on. Respawn times concerns: 30s for Medicpaks and 45s for ammo/Panzerfaust
  • There is a teleporter in the parallel passage (waste water run) beside lower passage Axis / Allies. Destination is behind the MG42 wallhole near Panzerfaust ammo.
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