ET-Map: Venice TC (RC2/v1) / Fixes

08.03.2007 : 07:57

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The Allies have intercepted intelligence that an important transaction will be occuring between the Germans and Italians in Venice today. The Allies must escort their Churchill Tank to blow the library open, commandeer the relic and escape Venice by Boat.


The version of Venice has been edited and the "tc rc2" edition has been born by chavo one:

  • first half of the map is more compact
  • more paths/new ways to the objective
  • 1 new axis spawnpoint at south
  • objectives destroy by dynamite instead of satchel
  • the boat is non destructible
  • barriers removed
In this v1 version:
  • the "end canal" spawn point removed
  • instead of tank/boat barriers axis team can use the new south spawn point
  • allies must first repair the tank
  • harder tank reapir
  • outpost capture like in the original Venice
  • together with the gate the axis team door also will be removed
  • The axis team door will be removed on library will be removed together with the Library main door (the axis team door is not the side wall!)
  • slower tank and boat speed (axis get similar time to stop the tank/boat like on old Venice)
  • smallest Venice file size (only 14 MB)
  • voice announce changes
Less Spawn Kill Fixes:
  • faster tank repair
  • together with the truck the gate and the axis teamdoor will be destroyed
  • mission time 15+15 min
  • Allies gain +15 min if they capture the forward via truck/gate destroy
  • Axis mg removed from the library
  • the tank is no longer usable after blow the library doors
  • autospawn setting changes
  • reworked voice announces
  • smaller command and sound scripts
  • (less tank version: the tank stop and shoot after the bridge)
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