ETpro-Mapscripts: Anti Spawn-Kill Roofs

09.02.2007 : 08:17
"The invisible anti spawn-kill clips (in the following being referred to as "spawn-kill roofs" or "roofs") were inspired by Chruker who once released a similar script on the EtPro forums. They were written to prevent players from spawn-killing and reduce administrative work on "No spawn-kill servers". They are based on scripts that come with EtPro 3.2.6 and some from the EtPro forums at

The roofs are protecting spawn-areas in open spaces like on Seawall Battery at the beach. For example, an axis fieldops throws an airstrike marker down into one of the allied beach spawn-areas. He will get a message saying "Aborting, cannot see target!", same with artillery. Mortar shells would just go off on top of the invisible roof and do no damage inside the spawn-area. The only possible way to spawn-kill with these scripts is to use Flamer/Panzer or Mobile MG. Light weapons, as well as riflenades, do not count as spawn-kill on [!!!]Hirntot-Community servers."

Download & Info:

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