ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.6 (Stable)

29.01.2007 : 18:01

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"Finally, the long overdue 0.6 version is here. This version has seen more testing and fixes than probably all the previous versions combined. We're going straight to calling it STABLE on this one.

Also, please help me thank jaskot for his role in this release. He has spent crazy amounts of time over the past couple weeks to overhaul all the standard ET maps, both waypointing and scripting. He has also been key to alot of the bugs that have been squashed in this release by providing me detailed explanations and/or easily reproducible test cases for problems that arise. He's also been very handy at debugging some linux issues we've gone through as well as general linux testing.

Also in this release is a recent snapshot of all the user submitted waypoints, also thanks to jaskot. We will likely do this with every release to reduce a new bot users need to download a bunch of individual files for 3rd party maps. Obviously due to time constraints we are unable to test every 3rd party map, though the standard ET maps should always be in very good shape, and will likely represent the best supported bot maps due to our focus on them. There's even a script that enables the bots to play railgun now and ride the tug and hit the track switch.

We're confident you will see a leap in quality in 0.6 over the previous release. As always though, please post feedback, problems, etc in the forums.

There's also a new article on weapon scripts for any mods that have new weapons that wish to add support for them with the bot.

SOME IMPORTANT NOTES: This version doesn't work with current Jaymod and etpub. They will need to be updated with the latest bot code in order to support 0.6 Until then if you want to try the bot you will unfortunately need to use the etmain version that the installer comes with.

You must run ET with com_hunkmegs set to at least 64 Megs or some maps could shut down prematurely.

To view waypoints on linux listenserver, you need to do the following:
1) Make an environment variable called TMP, such as export TMP=/tmp The reason for this is that the bot now uses boost interprocess communication to tell the client to draw shit directly. For some reason on linux this means creating a temporary file somewhere for the shared memory.
2) cg_omnibotdrawing 1 in the client console."
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