ET-Patch 2.60d (MacOS X)

21.01.2007 : 00:11
After working through the bugs reported on ET OSX 2.60c, here's an update:


--> ET-Patch 2.60d (MacOS X)
Replace your Wolfenstein ET executable by the new one, and drop the new qagame_mac into your etmain/ folder.
You have a qagame_mac.bundle under etmain/ from the 2.60c installation, which you can remove.
  • cursor problem when changing bindings in the control menu
  • now defaults to 24 Z-buffer, fixes Z-fighting problems
  • fix listen server crashing at the end of warmup and related crashes
Please give feedback, what is still broken, what's fixed etc. If all goes well I will make a more official release in a few days.

~TTimonUllSkillZ / SplashDamage Forenthread