RtCW-MP-Map: Ruins (Final)

16.01.2007 : 11:04

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This map was intended to be a very short map that had a unique objective making it fun and original to play. I wanted to create a very fast and tense map while always keeping the action at a peak, I belive I suceded in this by making a small map so players are almost into the action as soon they spawn but still have a pretty good area that makes it hard to spawnkill removing a lot of walking about and making it a much more action packed game from the moment you spawn, also I designed the objective to be very quick and changing making it posible to turn the map around in a matter or seconds so players are allways alert and never fall into a boring defence.

This has been a fery fun project for me and I have got to explore some of the areas of mapping that I dont often get chance to work with a lot but being such a small map its realy gave a chance to apply all the differnt skills of radient and q3map2 in a desnse and confined area giving a very rich result.

It been a great experience and a good break from working on my very long and big map that seem to be all the range in ET. I hope you have as much fun playing the map as I have had making it.
SplashDamage /nUllSkillZ