PunkBuster-freezes & slow-downs

12.01.2007 : 14:28
Wer nach wie vor mit Punkbuster-Freezes und laufenden Ruckeln im Spiel zu kämpfen hat sollte zu dieser Abhilfe greifen.

PB Ordner löschen, neuen PB Ordner erstellen, pbsetup.exe in den pb Ordner kopieren und Update ausführen.
Jetzt im pb Verzeichnis eine Datei namens "pbcl.cfg" erstellen und in die pbcl.cfg folgendes einfügen: (Script)

Delete the complete pb-folder, create a new pb-folder, copy pbsetup.exe in the pb-folder and start update.
Create now in the pb-folder a file with the name "pbcl.cfg" and copy the following text in this file: (Script)


pb_sleep 500
pb_security 0

"PB_Security [0=no, 1=yes]
When set to 0, PunkBuster will accept all "update" files without verifying that they are authentic; the default is 1 which should not normally be changed except for LAN environments where there is no Internet Access and/or you fully trust the Servers you are connecting to.

PB_Sleep [Period]
Holds the period of time (milliseconds) that PunkBuster "sleeps" between processing cycles; the default is 60; lower numbers will cause PunkBuster to process events more times each second which also has the effect of increasing the bandwidth used by PunkBuster; Players with a modem connection will probably want to set this as high as possible."

SplatterLadder / Sonyfan