RtCW-SP-Map: K02M1K 5N4K3 2K7

26.11.2006 : 19:09

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"K02M1K 5N4K3 2K7" is a silly yet ambitious project.
Based on the motto "One compiler to rule them all!", I decided to make an Inter-Gamepack mappack.
Though it's called mappack, all of the maps share the same theme, again, which is called "K02M1K 5N4K3 2K7"

These maps are divided into 2 categories.
One(q3, ef, jk2) for MP, another (rtcw, sof2) for SP.
All of them support bots, so you don't necessarily have to connect to internet to play them. ~q3map

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein |