ET-Minimod: Real Stuff Mod 1.1

21.09.2006 : 09:38
For those of you that want to change Enemy Territory ever so slightly, so that you can have an even more realistic experience will want to download this mod! With the RS Mod (or Real Stuff Mod) you will now be able to enjoy your WWII battles and skirmishes with a more realistic sounding weapon, as well as the weapon itself looking more authentic! This mod can only enhance your gaming experience... so let the battles rage on! The main difference between this version and the last is the syringe skin. See the readme for more details. ~RAYBACK

-[ Download ''Real Stuff Mod 1.1'' ]-

List of Changes:

  • Thompson skin; sound
  • MP40 skin; sound
  • Colt skin; sound
  • M1 Garand skin; sound
  • sten skin;
  • Pliers skin;
  • Smokebomb skin;
  • Smokegrenade skin;
  • Syringe skin;
  • Dynamite skin; sound
  • Colt skin; sound
  • Grenade skin;
  • Knife skin; sound
  • Panzerfaust skin;
  • FG42; sound
  • Impact and misc sounds
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