ET-Soundpack: Realistic War

22.08.2006 : 13:08
Das Soundpack von [ToC]Death ersetzt alle Sounds in ET durch Realistischere. Da es mit über 80 MB nicht gerade klein geraten ist, empfielt der Macher es nur auf Unpure-Servern zu verwenden.

-[ Download ''Realistic War'' ]-

''Hey everyone, I recently was bored, and thought of an idea: of replacing all of the sounds in ET with new ones! So I went to work, and to this day, I have replaced all of the sounds in ET, except for the VO sounds. The mod is about 70 - 80 MB in size, not really intended for server use... maybe for "unpure" server use (maybe).

If you want to look at it, go here to download all 3 files (the VO sounds only have the map Battery in it, which includes the news_battery file).'' - [ToC]DeathSplashDamage