ET-Map: Tiger 1.1.0

17.08.2006 : 08:03

Late June 1944, France. An Allied convoy must pass through a small french town as part of the push east. Their route takes them within range of ace tank commander Elite-Obersturmführer Michael Wittman in his Tiger tank. Allied infantry must attempt to neutralize the Tiger as the vehicles pass though the town. Axis infantry must support the Tiger as it tries to destroy the Allied motorized convoy.

Axis Victory: Axis win if the Tiger destroys 3 of the 5 convoy trucks.
Allied Victory: Allies win if they escort 3 of the 5 convoy trucks to safety.

Gameplay: The Allies must escort their convoy, one truck at a time, safely through the village to safety. The Tiger will not hunt for a truck until it first moves from the allied spawn. Only engineers can escort a truck (including Axis engineers, to prevent allies from playing a holdup game and letting the timer expire without bringing out the next truck). The Tiger tank moves independently, without player escort, and actively hunts the trucks. It is much stronger than normal tanks, and can fire its main cannon at allied soldiers if the opportunity arises. If the Tiger gets line of sight to a truck, is not at point-blank range and not prevented from firing (see below) it will fire at and destroy the truck. The Tiger cannot fire behind it. A truck may find safety at a corner because the Tiger may come across it at point-blank range and be forced to withhold fire and pass it by. Allied Field Ops can send false radio signals to the Tiger ordering it not to fire at trucks. Axis Field Ops can countermand the false radio signals. Allies can destroy the radio mast. The Tiger will return to base and no further orders can be issued to it until the mast is repaired. So it is an important allied tactic to first send the false orders. Axis can deploy fuel into depressions in the road in the path of the trucks. Once ignited this forms a temporary fire barrier to the trucks. But if they deliver the fuel too early to the roadside, the allies may ignite it so that it burns out harmlessly. When the truck advances sufficiently, an allied forward spawn flag becomes available. It is removed again when the truck escapes or is destroyed. Also at this time, for 30 seconds, fast routes are available for the allied players to get them back to the spawn (without having to self kill) ready for the next truck. Each truck picks the route to follow (one of two) which is furthest from the tank's current position.ET-Maps
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