ET-Tool: ETFakt

15.07.2006 : 13:13
ETFakt is a tool made for Enemy Territory players. It is a Win32-program running synchronous to ET and interacts with ET in order to improve your game-play. Please read on the feature list to get an impression what it can do for you.

The name "ETFakt" is a abbreviation out of the german. "Fakt" is my short word for "Faktotum" which means "servant, butler for all".

-[ Download ''ETFakt'' ]-


· minimize ET during runtime without loosing your r_gamma-value
· resize windows in order to show the whole desktop

go away from a game without getting kicked from the punkbuster because of inactivity... this function simulates movements for you

· better to know when the enemy respawns
· get the respawn-time of the enemy and get informed about every following spawn of them or tell it automatically your teammates
· full customizeable messages

· be informed about the next detonation, their place and the time you have to defuse or defend it
· automatic starting on planting
· full customizeable messages

analyze the ETConsole-output by watching the whole text or use regular expressions to filter out the lines you want to see

Advanced Scripting
· a mighty feature which gives you the chance to use your pascal knowledge in order to improve your scripts
· define hotkeys you want to watch for and react on the events you get from them get a event for each logline ET produces

General features
· all preferences can be configured in separate profiles
· simple one-click-color-code to click and get the color codes into the edit-controlsKarottes-Gemüsegarten