ET-Bot: Probleme mit ETF 1.3 und Omni-Bot

18.04.2005 : 19:14

DrEvil warnt auf der Omni-Bot Homepage davor, den Omni-Bot für ETF V 1.3 upzudaten.

ETF 1.3 Warning

Just wanted to post a warning to bot users.

DO NOT install Omni-bot over a previous installation of the new ETF 1.3 that was released on Friday. If you do, it will mess up your game, and you will need to reinstall ETF 1.3 to get the correct dlls. The server dll included with Omni-bot is for version 1.2. Also DO NOT run the Omni-bot updater for the same reason. I'm going as fast as I can to release a new bot update.

Also, ETF 1.3 installs the bot to the ET folder because I wasn't able to finish a silent installer for them to use. If you want, you can safely move the bot files from the ET folder to where you previously installed Omni-bot.

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