ET-Mod: Wolfenstein: The Frontline (FalckonET)

19.05.2006 : 11:54

Nach der Umbenennung von FalckonET nach ''Wolfenstein: The Frontline'' gibt es nun ein aktualisiertes Downloadpaket mit allen Updates.

To play the mod you will only need to download one zip file that contains all updates. Read the Readme before installing!

-[ Download ''FalckonET 0.45'' (Full & Updated) ]-


  • Ironsights for all guns, grenade launchers and Panzerfaust
  • Rifles without attachement for every class
  • Improved hitboxes
  • 30 cal machinegun for allied soldier
  • BAR for allied soldier
  • Stg 44 for axis soldier
  • Improved weapon effects
  • Shadowplanes (Q3 cg_shadows 3 style shadows)
  • Faked lightmap dlights for gun flashes (rounded lights visible on low poly surfaces, aka q3 style)
  • Controlable tank entities and commands to add them
  • ETPro scripts support
  • Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • New and improved models and skins for Weapons
  • Multiple skinsets, automaticly used for stock 6 maps
  • Compact limbo menu option
  • And more...
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