ET-TC: Offizielles Ende von "Annihilation"

04.05.2005 : 21:55
Danyboy hat auf der Annihilation Homepage das offizielle Ende der Mod bekannt gegeben:

Farewell to all.....

As you are all aware this mod has now curled up and died.

It was a fantastic project while it lasted and it's a shame not to see at least the Commander class not being brought about - though I hear that Battlefield 2 will be creating a similar class. A shame also that the new weapons will never be seen: MG34s and BARs.

Anyhoo - I would like to thank everyone on the team (Kalifa did a pretty good job with what he had) And also a thank you to all the fans (yes we did have some!). A little glance at the hit counter says: 39,000 which i find very impressive. Cheers for all your support.

Lastly thanks to PlanetQuake & PlanetWolfenstein for the hosting, bandwidth and support over the years.

The site will be taken down sometime soon - if I can remember the ftp address :S Oh and keep a look out for a Doom3 mod Doom 3: 2D

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