ETFortress: Entwicklung Eingestellt

05.03.2006 : 20:20

Die Entwicklung von ETFortress endet offiziell mit der Version 1.6. News und Maps wird man künftig auf oder PlanetETF finden.

"As most of you have been able to tell, development on ETF has ended. I would like to thank the entire community for their support. I am happy to see the mod is still being played. While the development has stopped their is still an active community playing in both the US and Europe. The following servers are usually active: (US Server) KinderGarten: (Euro Server)

Railbait has added a few new maps and adjusted their configs. Head over to Railbait and check them out.

At the same time Mullet Man has taken over PlanetETF and is keeping that going. He has maps scripts and and many other things. Go visit Mullet Man over at PlanetETF. Also spontanetf has games being played most of the day.

Go visit #spontanetf on Quakenet for more information."
Planet Wolfenstein
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