ET-Map: Flag in the Middle (Final)

27.02.2006 : 12:20

- 6 vs 6 map
- Game time: 10 minutes
- You must hold the flag when the time is over, to win the game (The team that holds the flag when the game is over is the winner).
- If the flag is never owned by any team (no-one touches the flagpole), the game will end after 10 mintes, and it will be a draw game.
- It has 2 bases: One Axis and one Allied. The bases are identical. (Il a 2 bases: Un axe et un alliés. Les bases sont identiques. / Sie hat 2
Hauptquartiere: Das der Alliierten und das der Achsenmächte. Beide Hauptquartiere sind identisch.)ET-Maps
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