ET-Map: Eagles 2 Ways (Beta 3)

18.04.2006 : 00:19

Hallo ET lovers! This map was originally made and released in April, 2004, by fellow Swedish mapper Drakir. There were some minor spawn bugs and many players complained about the fact that it was really hard for the Allies to disembark the Tram alive. In short, the Allied Forces got slaughtered, especially on larger maps, by Axis at the upper Tram station near the castle-flag. Therefore, I decided to remake Drakir's original map - but remember that ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE
ORIGINAL MAPPER, Drakir. In sum: I fixed some spawn bugs and created a second way up for the Allies (That is why I decided to call this remake 'Eagles 2 ways'). I hope you all like the changes and that the map gets a lot of playing time on many servers because it is a great map. //LoffyET-Maps
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