ET-Tool: RconIT 1.0

25.03.2006 : 16:00
RconIT is a server administration tool which enables admins to easily issue Rcon commands to their server. Developed by Flak, Kennie and Burniole.

-[ Download ''RconIT 1.0'' ]-


  • Easily connect to an ET server, and add servers to a favorites list
  • Multi-language selection with the ability to save your preferences - Choose from English, French, German, or Dutch
  • Console window to see the server response
  • Basic commands such as 'Restart, Kill, or Lock/Unlock the server'
  • Load server .cfg files
  • Get PB and non-PB Player lists in the console window, or in a popup box which frequently refreshes the list
  • Kick and ban players by ID/Slot#, Name, GUID, or IP, with the ability to add a reason, and a kick/ban duration
  • Warn and Mute players remotely
  • An 'Are you sure?' dialog box - no 'my finger slipped' excuses now!
  • Use common punkbuster commands such as 'take PB screenshots', and 'retrieve player alias list'
  • Manage bans by using the 'Get banlist/Clear banlist/Unban' buttons
  • Use a vast array of 'Game Play' and referee commands to control Teams, Maps, Campaigns, and General/Other Settings
  • Retrieves all campaign files on the server, allowing you to easily load the campaign you want
  • ETPro .config file list with the ability to load the chosen .config file
  • 'Fun' commands to change game cvars such as g_gravity, b_wolfrof, g_knifeonly etc. with the ability to reset all these commands with one 'master reset' button when you get bored!
  • Get ETPro GUID lists, and save them to a text file so you can check the GUIDs against those on ET League web sites later - no more time wasted at the beginning of matches
  • Broadcast messages through the 'console'
  • Easily send any other command you like to the server
To connect to a server, first enter your server IP, Port, and Rcon Password, or select a favorite server by clicking the "Favorites List" button and selecting the server you want to admin. Then click the Connect button. The console window should display that the server is running ET and the other buttons/input boxes will become active.

Where input boxes ask for a Slot/ID#, IP, Name, or GUID, you can use the "Get Player List" buttons to find out those details and simply fill in the box you want, and click the button next to it to send the command to the server.

Comments/suggestions/bug reports welcome at the forums or in IRC #GameDesign-Online @

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