ET-Map: Ludendorff Bridge 1.1.0

25.01.2006 : 02:30

This is a brief, fierce fight on the Ludendorff Bridge, also known as the bridge at Remagen. The game ends when the map timer expires (20 mins), no sooner and no later. At game end: Axis win if both bridge supports have explosives planted on them. Allies win if neither bridge supports have explosives planted on them. If one bridge support has explosives planted, the winning team is picked randomly. The map has many novel non-standard features: The Tank can be
damaged, repaired and driven by both teams. If controlled by Axis, the tank will advance westward across the bridge. If controlled by Aliies, the tank will advance eastward across the bridge. If players from both teams are beside the tank, it will stop. There are 3 forward spawn flags across the span of the bridge. Forces can only respawn at the furthest flag in an unbroken chain of flags - that is, if the enemy retake a flag between your base and the furthest flag your team has captured, the flags beyond the one just lost are cut off and your team cannot respawn at them. For each flag captured, the capturing team's respawn time increases by 5 secs. For each flag lost, the losing team's respawn time decreases by 5 secs. This represents the difficulties in maintaining supply lines, and assists the weaker team which has been beaten back to its starting point. Now its respawn time is 10 secs and the enemy's is 25 secs, aiding the weaker team in fighting back.Wolfenstein Files
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