ET-Mod: ETPower-Mod 0.5

03.01.2006 : 08:29
Der ETPower-Mod setzt auf dem LUA von ETPro 3.2.4 (oder höher auf). Dieser Mod soll in erster Linie eine hilfreiche Erweiterung für Admins darstellen, die so noch einfacher die volle Kontrolle über ihren Server erlangen können. Eine Ausführliche Dokumentation finden Sie auf der ETPower-Mod Website.

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ETPower-Mod is designed for the specific purposes:

  • Ease of setup:
    ETPower-Mod uses a 5 level system for admin'ing, this is on top of the RCON, Referee, and Semiadmin settings you can use with a normal ETPro server. The server administrator is able to add Power Users using the SetPU command, and list Power Users using the ListPU command.
  • Ease of use:
    ETPower-Mod uses chat to send/receive commands. To use them simply chat, as you normally would, but the first word should be the command (such as !kick) then the parameter’s seperated by spaces. This makes admining a server easier, as you are not required to obstruct your view with the console to enter a command.
  • More Control:
    ETPower-Mod is able to give you more control over what is and isn’t allowed in your server. You are able to change people’s names, kill people, power mute them (make it so they can’t /reconnect and be unmuted), and remove voting option from them. In versions later then 0.4, there will be more things added, as they are found to be usefull.
  • Fun Play:
    ETPower-Mod will be introducing a few other game types, as well as settings to prevent malicous behavior.
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