ET-Mod: Jaymod 2.0.3 (Final)

24.09.2006 : 20:23
Vom Jaymod, der den Shrubmod als Vorbild hat, ist heute die 2.0.3 als Final erschienen. Eine detailierte Readme liegt dem Downloadfile als PDF bei.

-[ Download ''Jaymod 2.0.3'' ]-

''Jaymod 2.0.3 has been released for a maintenance update.

This release includes the updates/fixes from Omni-bot 0.52, and is also compatible with the new 0.53 release. Updates include fixes for bugs that could cause the server to crash when using the bots.

Any server using the Omni-bot feature should update to this latest release immediately. You can download this version here.''SplatterLadder
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