ET-Mod: ETpub 0.7.2

25.10.2006 : 19:05
Von dem recht beliebten ETpub ist heute die Version 0.7.2 für Server und Clients (20060818) erschienen. Das Downloadfile beinhaltet ETpub für Server, Clients sowie die ReadMe.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Mods » ETpub 0.7.2

  • added comma (,) as a separator for party panzer pattern
  • hopefully fixed a bug with buffered prints and rcon
  • fixed server crashes with shortcuts when run from the console
  • several cosmetic fixes to !listplayers output: omnibots display "*OMNIBOT*" instead of the GUID fragment, shrubbot level names with color codes are correctly justified now
  • fixed a bug where if g_hitsounds bit 4 was set, no headshot sounds were ever heard
  • fixed !showbans formatting when color codes are in the banned server name or in the banner
  • merged KillSpree bugfix code by Dens: All kill spree message locations now print where they should
  • bugfix: lvl4 soldiers can no longer hold both mp40 and thompson at the same time
  • bugfix: prevented players from circumventing /kill restrictions by throwing knives to their own feet and killing themselves
  • exploitfix: implemented mandatory low value for g_throwKnifeWait (0.2 sec) to prevent players from binding /throwknife to mouse wheel and throwing a ton of knives within a very short amount of time
  • exploitfix: expanded g_fear to apply to team changes in addition to /kill, as some players were switching teams instead of /kill to circumvent g_fear
  • bugfix: Put in bugfix by Dens: headshots were being counted even though g_stats flag 1 was enabled
  • bugfix: several cosmetic changes as submitted by Dens
  • exploitfix: players that disconnect or change teams will have their artillery and airstrikes canceled/removed
  • bugfix: If there were more than 63 bans no custom commands would be read from the shrubbot.cfg file
  • bugfix: Helmet loss and regain with antilag on is now stable.
  • bugfix: winprob should work from rcon now.
  • bugfix: major ATB bug. Using allies as axis win prob.
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