ET-Map: Total Tankrace (Beta 3)

10.11.2005 : 13:23

This map has identical bases, tanks, trucks and gold-boxes for Axis and Allies. It is a mirrored map. The objective for both teams is to dynamite the tank garage, steal the tank, drive it to through two steel gates, reach the bank, park the tank, and get access to the bank. The tank will blast the bank door, but it is also possible to gain access to the gold by dynamiting a bank-door. This door is re-buildable. The main objective is to steal two boxes of gold (while stopping the enemy from
doing the same). Both boxes must be carried to the team's truck, and the truck must be driven to victory.

Each team will receive 1 point for the following (in any order):
- tank through first steel gate
- tank through second steel gate
- first gold box is secured on truck
- second gold box is secured on truck
- truck passes first truck-barrier
- truck passes second truck-barrier
- truck reaches its goal (a tunnel)

All in all, 7 points. There are score-boards all over the map so you can keep track of who is in the lead at any given time.

To win, a team must:
a) drive truck (with both gold boxes) to its goal (the tunnel), or
b) be in the lead when the timelimit is reached. Timelimit: 30 minutes.

In other words, if the score is Axis 4 - Alies 2 when the game is over, Axis will win.

- If the score is tied (0-0, 1-1, 2-2 et cetera), when the game is over, it will be a draw.
- You do not need 7 points to win: All it takes, is driving the truck to its goal.
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