ET-Map: The River II -Redux- (Final)

21.10.2005 : 22:17

Spring 1945: Allied Intelligence reports that the Axis is using Castle Silbereck and its old silver mines as a bunker complex to hoard treasure looted from occupied Europe... The Allies launch a daring raid to steal the treasure list and escape to a waiting truck. Axis forces located in a guard house and the bunker complex defend the Tram Station and the Castle bunker. This turns Castle Silbereck into a place of furious battle...

Map Features:
Fast and adrenalin-packed 2-stage map with a long document-run. Challenging fighting in various environments: Close quarter combat in tunnels, caves, stairs and a castle/bunker setting as well as mid- and long-range fighting in open terrain. Several access routes to the primary objectives offer tactical variation. Game-layout is offense bias and offers both fast wins in less than 3 mins and successful defense.

First stage:
Allies have to get a forward spawn by repairing a broken Engine Control Panel.

Second stage:
Allies capture the Bunker Flag to get a spawn close to the documents. Then they need to steal the documents and take them to the waiting Escape Truck.

RtCW Prison
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