ET-Map: Headshot 2 (Beta 2)

08.03.2006 : 08:45

The concept stays the same: 1 arena, 2 teams. Whilst et_headshot was a total reskin, this one closely resembles the original mml_headshot map for RtCW. What's new is the fact it has a way of determining which team has won, autoclearing the arena and keeping the score. Perfect for those little battles! Due to the size of the original, the map is best played with 2vs2.

Some instructions: There must be at least one player of each team in the pit before a duel can be started. The duel can be started from eather side, just make sure the lights are green.

The layout can be toggled from the switches on the wall. To avoid trouble between teams for changing the layout right before the duel, only the losing team can change it.

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