ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.9 (Beta 6)

09.08.2010 : 19:35
"... well we have decided to open the beta just to ensure 1.3.0 will be best NQ ever. I'll create a seperate topic to collect issues. We do think this version is a big step forward after the last release but there are still some things we would like to do for a 1.3.0. So here is 1.2.9 beta 6 for the public test." ~IRATA [*]


--> No Quarter 1.2.9 (Beta 6)

"Many thanks for all the bug reporting and suggestions. We did fix some critical bugs just have a look at the changelog.

Please use the Mantis Tracker to report any b6 issues. It's impossible to follow forum posts so if your b5 bug report isn't fixed post it on mantis again. We can also answer directly and there is much more overview!" ~IRATA [*]


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