ET-Bot: Omni-Bot v0.8

28.06.2010 : 22:46

At last, Omni-bot 0.8 has been released. This version has been a long time in the making, and from most outward appearances, it probably didn't look like there was much progress being made on the project for some time. Feature wise there is a TON of huge advancements and fixes that pile more customization and scripting options on what is already the most customizable bot available. On top of that we have had a great team of community members working with 0.8 to put together the most complete and well tested set of waypoints and scripts we've ever had.


--> Omni-Bot v0.8

We recommend you start with a fresh Omni-bot install. We can't guarantee your old scripts or waypoints work properly with 0.8, and it keeps you from mistakingly overriding well tested 0.8 content with old stuff.

The file is much larger this release. We've opted to keep things as simple as possible for the users and give them the scripts and maps for all the maps that the waypointing team did, all 200+ of them.

For the tinkerers out there (scripters, waypointers), this release adds custom map goals and script goals so you can add whatever functionality to the bot you could dream up.

See here for the 0.8 Readme
See here for the 0.8 Full changelist

Omnibot 0.8 is compatible with No Quarter version 1.2.9 / 1.3.0 and ETpub version 0.9.1.

Special thanks again to crapshoot for putting together the readme, changelog, release packages, and working with the waypoint community team to make sure we have solid waypoints and scripts and all the known bugs ironed out. He has been a critical asset of this project for many releases now, and deserves the praise of all of us.

~DrEvilOmni-Bot Website