ET-TC: East Front (Update 05-05-2010)

05.05.2010 : 00:38
A WW2 based first person shooter game based on small squad battles in the battlefields of eastern Europe between 1941 and 1945 that focuses on both realism and arcade game-plays, currently under development for the Enemy Territory game engine.

Download & Info:

--> East Front (01-05-2010)
--> East Front (Update 05-05-2010)
--> 'East Front' Website


  • Fixed sniper rifle code.
  • Fixed weapon spreads.
  • AI has been fixed. No more bots sitting looking at you and not shooting.
  • Lots of misc fixes and improvements.
  • Added animated sniper rifle transitions.
  • AI now snipes (and quite well!).
  • AI now fires in bursts to conserve ammo.
  • New music engine.
  • Spectrum analyzer and music info for the currently playing music.
  • Other stuff I can't think of right now but is über cool :-)
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