ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.31

25.08.2005 : 11:38

Omni-Bot wurde in Version 0.31 Beta veröffentlicht.

-[ Download ''Omni-Bot 0.31'' ]-

Version 0.31:

This is a bug fix release to address the most important issues in the 0.3 release.

-Updated nav files.
-Improved how bots handle "badly" waypointed maps.
-Reduced voice chat usage for grenades.
-Fixed duplicate bot names.
-Fixed minbots/maxbots.
-Fixed sometimes bots could not be added during warmup.

NOTE: We're currently working on simplifying the script syntax for customizing bot/weapon properties. The scripts in this release may be partly outdated. We're gonna update them with working versions asap.

The updater is currently out of order! Please use the full installer!

Version 0.3:
This release marks a fairly major milestone in ET bot support. The triggers in ET are now working, allowing maps to be scripted now, and the scripts to enable/disable the properties of certain goals when certain map events trigger. Unfortunately we didn't have time to include a working script, but I will try my best to post an example script for a map over the next day or so to help people get started. I will also try to expand the scripting article.

Here's the 0.3 changelog.

Omni-Bot beta 0.3
Added mobile MG42 goal for soldiers.
Added bots can be fooled by disguised CovertOps now.
Added map scripting(triggers).
Fixed AI related causes of the "bots do nothing" error.
Changed parameter order of addbot command.
Improved bot grenade handling.

In other news I'll be out of town for the 20th - 27th of this month, so I leave you all in the capable hands of Magik for that time.

We are still awaiting a new version of many of the ET maps, with modifications for improved behavior with the newest version, so the included waypoints may not show the bots in their optimal state.

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