QW-Map: Retake of the Forums (Alpha 1)

19.03.2010 : 23:06

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Since the hostile take over by the Strogg, Activision have performed many crimes against gaming, franchise milking, poor marketing strategies for independent titles, Wolfenstein and so on, however the removal of the ET:QW community forums without prior warning was the final straw!

A group of Brave GDF soliders are now attempting to break into Activision's Headquarters with the aim of retrieving the lost forums that have been held on disc in storage.

Community Request

"If you want to take part feel free to create some funny related posters that will be used in the map, make sure they are 'clean' though and relevant. Also make sure they conform the standard texture rules for ET:QW (.tga, dimensions to power of 2 etc etc), don't worry about material file though, I can do that." ~Chris

Post your work right here.