QW-Mod: Tribal Wars v1.0

17.03.2010 : 20:39

Tribal Wars is a mod inspired by the 'Starsiege Tribes' series. It is designed to bring some of the core gameplay aspects of movement, combat, and teamwork into "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars".

Download: & Info:

--> Tribal Wars v1.0 (Windows)
--> Tribal Wars v1.0 (Linux)
--> Tribal Wars Website

This first release covers the basic weaponry, physics, and the CTF Gametype. It also will serve as a basis for future development as well as adding additional gameplay elements.

If you receive the message "Error: Local Data not in sync with Server" you may be missing some updated files. Refer back to your email, or the project forums to check for any updates.SplashDamage