ET-Map: Jailbus (Beta 2)

09.02.2010 : 08:58

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Allies are in jail in the Axis city department. Axis had some good time on the Bar and Allies will try to steal the Henschel Trolleybus and escape whit it!

Changed from Beta 1 to Beta 2:

  • New trolley model can go inside.
  • Need to be inside the trolley to escort it.
  • Need to steal the double key set on the hotel before you can use the trolley.
  • Add another Back door way closer to the allies jail spawn.
  • 1 other way in the building front jail.
  • Can't airstrike the street of jail.
  • The 3rd barriers is replace by a track switch trolley. (to close of axis Hotel spawn for a dyno)
  • Allies respawn at 5sec .. Axis at 10sec. If a team build Command Post, -5sec
  • finish the wm_objective_status.
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