ET-Map: Warzone (Beta 3)

20.01.2010 : 00:02

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Welcome to the warzone. Allies are attacking a city that is suppressed by allied attacks. Allies are searching for the last hideout place of the axis. Allies have to escort the tank and find the last hideout where they have to destroy the axis communication centre. Axis have to prevent this. Only thing that is intact is the UJE friends bar, have fun in there.

Special stuff:

  • A Hammond in the church and sound when entering the church
  • Planes bombing the place every 6 minutes.
  • Firesupport is shooting the planes from the ground
  • A big cafe Spawn with lots of efffects:
    • A disco with lots of beats and a sampler
    • Disco lights
    • Laser show
    • Smokemachine
    • Free drinks
    • Dartboard
    • Doctor Who beaming telephonecell
    • And lots of paintings from friendly clans of the [UJE]clan
  • Semi bullet-proof cafe.
  • Parachute drop
So lot's of funstuf in the bar, a place where you can really relax and rest or even take a dance, drink some beers or gamble a bit.[UJE]Niek via MSN
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